Taxi To Share FAQ's

What is Taxi To Share?
Taxi To Share is an Irish owned taxi sharing app. While saving money, you can also make new friends and help save the environment, everyone's a winner!!!!

How does Taxi To Share work?
Once you download the app, you will be asked to register. Then input your destination details, after which you will see a real time map with other people also looking to travel in your direction. Click on any of the icons and it will open up an instant chat between you both, and you can then arrange to meet up at a central location, it is as simple as that. Plus, while you are saving money & the environment, you can make new friends in the process. The more friends you tell about the Taxi To Share app, the bigger the community will be!!!

What do the different coloured icons on the real time map represent?
The green icon is you, the person who initiates the taxi share
The pink icon represents the ladies
The blue icon represents the gents

With the different coloured icons on the map, can I choose to only share with someone of the same gender as myself?
Yes, absolutely

Is Taxi To Share available as an app?
Taxi To Share is available as a mobile download so you can store it on your browser, but is also available as an app in the form of iPhone & Android

How do I register?
Fill in the online form with the requested details

What details do I provide?
Full name, mobile number, photo & email address

What about my privacy, what details will be revealed to other users?
Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, the only details that will appear on screen are your name & photo

How much does it cost?
The first month is free, then you have unlimited usage for only € 3 per month, which you will save many times over, while all the time, making new friends and saving the environment!!!

How do we pay?
Secure payment is done through your App Store or Google Play account

When do you start charging?
After the first months free usage

Can we stop the payment if we wish to discontinue the service?
Yes, of course, just send an email to and let us do the rest

Is Taxi To Share a taxi booking service?
No, Taxi To Share is not a taxi booking service, that is a separate transaction. Once you arrange to meet up, using Taxi To Share, then it is up to the various people to get a cab either off the street or via an app.

Can I only request an immediate taxi share?
No, the Taxi To Share system allows for both immediate & future requests, so with good planning, whether going out socialising, to a concert or for e.g. to the airport, the Taxi To Share app will save you lots of money

How far in advance can I request a taxi share?
The Taxi To Share system allows you input the date & time of your departure, so the request can be as far in advance as you want

If I am going to the airport or a concert in 2 weeks time, when would you suggest to put in the request?
The sooner you place your request on the system the better, as you will get more matches, with more advanced notice

What if I am running late?
Use the instant chat system on Taxi To Share to let the other confirmed people know

What involvement has the taxi driver?
The taxi driver has no involvement at all

Do I pay the taxi driver the fare?
Yes, as with all taxi fares

How do we split the fare?
Just split the fare in 2, 3 or 4 equal ways if all going to the exact destination. Or, if some people are only going part way, then they pay their share for that part of the journey

If I have any other queries, where do I email?
Email any queries you may have to;

Download Taxi To Share App

Our Application is available on both iPhone and Android Devices. Please download it, join our community and SAVE!